If you are using RustDesk you should have your own RustDesk Server, these docs will help you on your RustDesk journey.

Support is available via our Discord for OSS and email for Pro.

Basic Setup

Set up your own server instance manually.

Ports Required

Ports required for RustDesk Server self-hosting depends largely on your environment and what you want to do with RustDesk. The Examples shown throughout the docs will generally have all ports suggested to be opened.

Core Ports:
TCP 21114-21119
UDP 21116

The above 21115-21117 are the minimum required ports for RustDesk to work, these handle the signal and relay ports as well as NAT traversal.

Additionally TCP ports 21118 and 21119 can be opened if you want to use the RustDesk Web Client.

For Pro users without an SSL Proxy you will need to open TCP port 21114 for the API to work alternatively using an SSL Proxy open TCP port 443.

Test Ports are opened

To check ports are opened and working you can use test-netconnection -p 21115 with PowerShell or